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Bauernhofspielgruppe Tägertschi.

Here you can get an overview about the playgroup and its activities and all other information you are looking for.


My name is Nicole Gerber, I was born on the 17th of December 1969. I lead the Playgroup since 2009. Before, I was an employee in a Forrest Playgroup for two years.


I have two sons, Janis und Colin. Both were born in 1997 and are married.


In my leisure time, I like to read, do family activities or tinker on something. I also lead the medieval dancing group Sola Calentia.


My team consists of engaging and trained emloyees, which bring experience with children. They support me extremely with the work I do.

The Playgroup

The playgroup will be held twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

Starting at 08:45A.M. until 11:00A.M.


Children that can't be alone have the possibility to be accompanied by the parents.


All information in short.


AVAILABLE DAYS: Tuesday and Thursday


TIME: 08:45A.M. to 11:00A.M.


COSTS: The costs are directed by the quartal. If both days are being visited the costs are CHF 480. If you choose to only visit one day, the costs are CHF 260.





If you are interested, you can contact me with a phone call, 079 416 75 27 or 031 782 03 73. In case that I do not pick up, please leave a message, so I can call you back.


If there is any question or other request, you may fill out the form below.

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